Updates to Criminal Pattern Jury Instructions

The Tennessee Judicial Conference's TPI Criminal Committee updated/created several instructions following West's publication of the 17th Edition of the pattern jury instructions. The AOC's memorandum (updated 5/14/14) explains the changes and includes a "with comments and footnotes" version of the instructions which are completely new or substantially revised. A Word and WordPerfect "without comments and footnotes" version of every new/amended instruction is posted below.  If the Committee changed the text of a footnote and/or comment but did not change the text of the instruction, the change(s) will be explained in the AOC's memorandum, but a copy of the instruction will not be posted below.

The zip files allow you to download all of the instructions listed below.Word Zip FileWordPerfect Zip File
3.01 - Criminal ResponsibilityWordWordPerfect
6.04 - Vehicular AssaultWordWordPerfect
7.08(b) - Vehicular Homicide (Intoxication)WordWordPerfect
8.01 - KidnappingWordWordPerfect
8.02 - Aggravated KidnappingWordWordPerfect
8.03 - Especially Aggravated KidnappingWordWordPerfect
11.42 - TennCare FraudWordWordPerfect
21.01(c) - Agg Child Abuse/Neglect (on or after 7/1/09)WordWordPerfect
26.03 - Tampering with or Fabricating EvidenceWordWordPerfect
31.01 - Controlled Substances: Manufacture, Delivery or SaleWordWordPerfect
31.02 - Counterfeit Controlled SubstancesWordWordPerfect
31.04 - Controlled Substances: Possession with Intent to Sell or DeliverWordWordPerfect
31.12 - Unlawful Possession of Anhydrous Ammonia (prior to 3/30/05)WordWordPerfect
31.22 - Imitation Controlled SubstancesWordWordPerfect
38.01 - DUI, etc. (on or after 7/1/13)WordWordPerfect
38.01(a) - DUI (prior to 1/1/11)WordWordPerfect
38.01(b) - DUI (on or after 1/1/11 but prior to 7/1/13)WordWordPerfect
38.22 - Boating Under the Influence
42.09 - AccompliceWordWordPerfect
42.09(a) - Alternative Instruction: Accomplice