Tennessee Lawyer Assistance Program

Supreme Court Rule 33 -- The Tennessee Lawyer Assistance Program assists lawyers, judges, bar applicants and law students who suffer from physical or mental disabilities that result from disease, disorder, trauma or age and that impair their ability to practice or serve. Members are appointed by the Supreme Court. An administrator and staff serve TLAP.


Judge John Everett Williams
Huntingdon, TN

Vice Chair
Cynthia A. Cheatham, Esq.
Manchester, TN

Mark Vorder-Bruegge, Jr., Esq.
Memphis, TN

Andrew C. Branham, Esq.
Memphis, TN

Nancy Corley, Esq.
Nashville, TN

Peter Rustin Harris, Ph.D.
Nashville, TN

Branch H. Henard, III, Esq.
Nashville, TN

Drew McElroy, Esq.
Knoxville, TN

Bruce G. Seidner, Ph.D.
Knoxville, TN

Bethany Spiller, Ph.D.
Cordova, TN

A. Randolph Sykes, Esq.
Sevierville, TN


Judge D. Kelly Thomas
Knoxville, TN

Judge Thomas T. Woodall
Dickson, TN

Judge Glenn Wright
Memphis, TN

Supreme Court Liaison:
Justice Gary R. Wade
Knoxville, TN

Laura McClendon, MA, LEAP
Executive Director
Tennessee Lawyers Assistance Program
Washington Square
214 2nd Avenue North, Suite 1
Nashville, TN  37201
Phone:  (615) 741-3238
Toll Free:  (877) 424-8527
Fax:  (615) 741-3508
Email:  laura.mcclendon@tncourts.gov