On-the-Job Training,or What I've Learned from the Practice of Mediation that I Did Not Learn in Mediation Training

Date / Time: 
August 21, 2012 - 6:00pm - 7:00pm
Event Type: 
Mediation Courses

Jean Munroe, J.D., Rule 31 Family Mediator, and well-known Mediator Trainer; Elizabeth Cooper,  Ph.D., Rule 31 Family Mediator and Psychologist; James Karney, M.S., and Rule 31 Family Mediator with Special training in Domestic Violence; and John Selser, Knoxville Mediator and current President of the Tennessee Valley Mediation Association, will present a one-hour round-table discussion of lessons they have learned in their years of practicing mediation that normally do not get covered in mediation training. Their discussion will include the role attorneys play in the mediation process; the business side of private mediation practice; working complex cases involving child welfare, high-conflict situations and domestic violence cases; the dynamics of litigation resolution; and mediation issues that arise in family, civil, workers’ compensation and employment cases.

1.0 Hour of General Mediation Issues

Middlebrook Mediation & Training Center
2117 Middlebrook Pike (next to Bank's & Jones Law Office)
Knoxville, TN 35° 57' 52.3512" N, 83° 56' 38.8032" W