August 7, 2020
On August 6 state/federal primary and state/county general elections were held in Tennessee. The state and county general elections included a number of judicial races. These judicial races were...
August 5, 2020
Today, the Tennessee Supreme Court vacated the temporary injunction entered by the Davidson County Chancery Court, which, in part, required the State to provide an absentee ballot to any eligible...
August 3, 2020
Judge Kristi Davis was sworn in today as Tennessee’s newest member of the Court of Appeals. She was appointed to the Court by Governor Bill Lee just over 60 days ago.Judge Davis, who has been a...
July 30, 2020
Today the Tennessee Supreme Court Access to Justice Commission released its 2020 Strategic Plan, setting goals for the Commission to strive to meet over the next two years.  The Strategic Plan...
July 24, 2020
Faith leaders, judges, attorneys, and other members of Tennessee’s religious and legal communities gathered online recently to discuss ways to work together and expand access to justice in the state...
July 24, 2020
The Tennessee Supreme Court today set oral argument for Earle J. Fisher et al v. Tre Hargett et al for July 30 at 10:30 CDT. The case is being consolidated with Benjamin Lay et al. v. Mark Goins et...
July 22, 2020
For decades now, Memphis and Shelby County Juvenile Court Judge Dan H. Michael has been a tireless advocate for the children of Tennessee. Whether serving as executive director of CASA or in various...
July 20, 2020
Tennessee’s many recovery courts play a critical role in reducing recidivism and improving the lives of those with substance use disorders in the state. These intensive court programs give repeat...
July 16, 2020
In an opinion released today, the Tennessee Supreme Court determined that, when analyzing a claim of ineffective assistance of counsel, trial counsel’s failure to file a timely motion for new trial...
July 14, 2020
The Tennessee Court of Criminal Appeals and Tennessee Court of Appeals will both continue live-streaming oral arguments this week. Since June, the intermediate appellate courts have live-streamed...

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