Oral Argument Docket

Audio recordings of oral arguments in the appellate courts heard on or after May 1, 2013 are available about 21 days after the oral argument.  You may access the audio recording by searching the particular case and clicking on the digital play button when it appears.  Within 10 days of the oral argument, parties may ask the court to exclude the audio recording from being posted.  If the court grants the request, the oral argument will not be posted.

Format: 09/20/2020
Format: 09/20/2020
Kalpesh Patel and Pratikkumar V. Patel v. State of Tennessee
08/21/19 9:30am Court of Criminal Appeals Rutherford County Middle Section
Jessica Owens Et Al. v. Gary W. Stephens D.O. Et Al.
08/21/19 9:30am Court of Appeals Knox County Eastern Section https://soundcloud.com/tncourts/e2018-01564-coa-r3-cv-jessica-owens-et-al-v-gary-w-stephens-do-et-al
Talat Parveen Et Al. v. Acg South Insurance Agency LLC ET Al.
08/21/19 9:30am Court of Appeals Washington County Eastern Section https://soundcloud.com/tncourts/e2018-01759-coa-r3-cv-talat-parveen-et-al-v-acg-south-insurance-agency-llc-et-al
State of Tennessee v. Yodelkis Contreras
08/21/19 9:30am Court of Criminal Appeals Bedford County Middle Section https://soundcloud.com/tncourts/m2017-02210-cca-r3-cd-state-of-tennessee-v-yodelkis-contreras
Anthony Arrington v. Rachel Bryant Ramsey Et Al.
08/21/19 9:30am Court of Appeals Greene County Eastern Section https://soundcloud.com/tncourts/e2018-02165-coa-r3-cv-anthony-arrington-v-rachel-bryant-ramsey-et-al
State of Tennessee v. Christopher Caldwell
08/21/19 9:30am Court of Criminal Appeals Sumner County Middle Section https://soundcloud.com/tncourts/m2018-02068-cca-r3-cd-state-of-tennessee-v-christopher-caldwell
James Moses Et Al. v. Rebecca Elrod Et Al.
08/21/19 9:30am Court of Appeals Meigs County Eastern Section https://soundcloud.com/tncourts/e2019-00117-coa-r3-cv-james-moses-et-al-v-rebecca-elrod-et-al
Loring Justice v. Kim Nelson Et Al.
08/21/19 1:30pm Court of Appeals Loudon County Eastern Section https://soundcloud.com/tncourts/e2018-02020-coa-r3-cv-loring-justice-v-kim-nelson-et-al
Timothy Hopson Ex Rel. Elizabeth Miller v. American Advisors Group
08/21/19 1:30pm Court of Appeals Carter County Eastern Section https://soundcloud.com/tncourts/e2018-01698-coa-r3-cv-timothy-hopson-ex-rel-elizabeth-miller-v-american-advisors-group
Timothy Hopson v. American Advisors Group
08/21/19 1:30pm Court of Appeals Carter County Eastern Section