Rules of Juvenile Procedure

: Appendix
Article I. General Provisions
1: Title of Rules —Scope —Purpose and Construction —Situations Not Covered by Rules.
Article I. General Provisions
2: Definitions.
3: Venue.
4: Referees.
Article II. Prehearing Procedures
5: Custody - When Child May Be Taken into Custody - Procedures Upon Taking Child Into Custody - Rights of Child.
6: Time Limits for Detention Hearings.
7: Rights During Detention.
8: Initiation of Cases.
9: Petitions.
10: Summons.
11: Orders for the Attachment of Children.
12: Intake in Delinquent and Unruly Cases.
13: Intake in Dependent and Neglected and Abuse Cases.
14: Informal Adjustment in Delinquent and Unruly Cases.
15: Detention Hearings in Delinquent and Unruly Cases.
16: Preliminary Hearings in Dependent and Neglected and Abuse Cases.
17: Time Limits on Scheduling Adjudicatory Hearings.
18: Time Limits on Scheduling Dispositional Hearings.
19: Appearance of Attorney.
20: Responsive Pleadings and Motions.
21: Plea of Guilty in Delinquent and Unruly Cases.
22: Agreed Orders in Civil Matters.
23: Pretrial Diversion in Delinquent and Unruly Cases.
24: Transfer to Criminal Court in Delinquent Cases.
25: Discovery.
26: Restraining Orders.
Article III. Adjudicatory and Dispositional Hearings
27: Trial by the Court.
28: Adjudicatory Hearing.
29: Procedure When Child Believed to Be Mentally Incompetent.
30: Notification and Waiver of Rights of Parties.
31: Witnesses.
32: Dispositional Hearings; Orders.
32A: Permanency Planning.
33: Predisposition Report/Social History.
Article IV. Post-Hearing Procedures; Miscellaneous Provisions
34: Relief from Judgments or Orders - Modification and Vacation of Orders
35: Probation Revocation - Termination of Home Placement.
36: Appeals.
37: Appointment of a Guardian Ad Litem for the Child.
38: Protective Orders - Judicial Consent for Treatment.
39: Termination of Parental Rights.