Kenneth E. King v. Anderson County

Date / Time: 
September 5, 2013 - 9:00am

Lower Court Summary:

Kenneth E. King was arrested for driving on a revoked license. He was put in a cell with
several violent criminals. At his arraignment, the court ordered him released. The person
charged with processing the release delayed his release by simply doing nothing. While
awaiting his release, Mr. King was assaulted by one of his cellmates. He sustained serious
injuries, including partial loss of vision in one eye. He filed this action against Anderson
County (“the County”). After a bench trial, the court found the County 55% at fault and
King 45% at fault for provoking the assault. It determined that the total damages were
$170,000 reduced to $93,500 to account for King’s comparative fault. The County appeals.
We affirm.

Supreme Court
Eastern Section