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The Tennessee Supreme Court is the state’s court of last resort. The five Supreme Court justices may accept appeals of civil and criminal cases from lower state courts. They also interpret the laws and constitutions of Tennessee and the United States. The Supreme Court may assume jurisdiction over undecided cases in the Court of Appeals or Court of Criminal Appeals when there is special need for an expedited decision. Read more here.

July 25, 2016
TennesseeCourt of Appeals Judge John McClarty’s law clerk Stephanie Slater has published an article about Justice Edward T. Sanford’s tenure on the Supreme Court of the United States.Justice Sanford...
July 25, 2016
Tennessee ranks ninth in United States for providing access to its courts, according to the 2016 Justice Index, a nationwide study that ranks states according to their adoption of selected best...
July 20, 2016
The statewideIndigent Representation Task Force will hear from the public at meetings to be held next week in Nashville and next month in Franklin.The task force has traveled throughout the state on...
July 19, 2016
The Cecil C. Humphreys School of Law Alumni Chapter will honor Tennessee Supreme Court Justice Holly Kirby as the “Special Distinguished Alumna” at its 2016 Pillars of Excellence Awards Ceremony and...
July 12, 2016
Chief Justice Sharon Lee’s statement on the passing of former Tennessee Supreme Court Justice Robert E. Cooper, Sr.: The entire judicial family is saddened by the passing of former Tennessee Supreme...
July 11, 2016
In a case involving claims between siblings who were shareholders in a closely held family corporation, the Tennessee Supreme Court has adopted a new standard for when a shareholder can file a direct...
July 7, 2016
The Tennessee Supreme Court has ruled that defendants who have entered a guilty plea cannot seek relief from that plea using a statutory procedure that the Court says is intended by Tennessee law...

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