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The Tennessee Supreme Court is the state’s court of last resort. The five Supreme Court justices may accept appeals of civil and criminal cases from lower state courts. They also interpret the laws and constitutions of Tennessee and the United States. The Supreme Court may assume jurisdiction over undecided cases in the Court of Appeals or Court of Criminal Appeals when there is special need for an expedited decision. Read more here.

March 26, 2015
The Tennessee Supreme Court has granted a new trial in a Memphis case in which a man was convicted of rape of a child.In 2012, Frederick Herron was sentenced to 25 years in prison for the rape of his...
March 20, 2015
The Tennessee Supreme Court has upheld a death sentence for a man who was convicted of first degree felony murder in 1991 for his role in the killing of an elderly couple during a string of...
March 16, 2015
A new pilot project in Davidson County court will open the door to increased efficiencies in complex business litigation in Tennessee.Davidson County Chancellor Ellen Hobbs Lyle will preside over the...
March 13, 2015
Today, the Tennessee Supreme Court has denied a new trial to a Nashville man for two counts of the sale of an illegal drug within a school zone, despite his assertions that his attorney did not...
March 13, 2015
The Tennessee Supreme Court, recognizing that technological advances have changed the way journalists provide coverage of courtrooms, is seeking comments from the public regarding proposed changes to...
March 10, 2015
The Tennessee Supreme Court has reversed a trial court ruling ordering the State to disclose the names of those involved in the execution process in a lawsuit challenging Tennessee’s lethal injection...
February 27, 2015
The Tennessee Supreme Court will hear two health care liability disputes among four cases scheduled for oral arguments March 4 in Jackson.The first case concerns the procedures required when filing a...

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