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The Tennessee Supreme Court is the state’s court of last resort. The five Supreme Court justices may accept appeals of civil and criminal cases from lower state courts. They also interpret the laws and constitutions of Tennessee and the United States. The Supreme Court may assume jurisdiction over undecided cases in the Court of Appeals or Court of Criminal Appeals when there is special need for an expedited decision. Read more here.

July 31, 2015
The Tennessee Supreme Court has ruled that a family in Loudon County will maintain ownership of 58 acres of farmland by virtue of a legal principle called “title by prescription,” which permits a...
July 31, 2015
The Tennessee Supreme Court has upheld the conviction of a Memphis man for rape of a child, ruling that a prosecution error in the trial did not deprive the defendant of his constitutional right to a...
July 30, 2015
Chief Justice Sharon G. Lee said the Tennessee Supreme Court will continue to serve at the same level of operation while the executive and legislative branches work out the details of appointing and...
July 27, 2015
The Tennessee Supreme Court has unanimously affirmed a 180-day suspension of Memphis attorney Homer L. Cody’s law license.In 2011, the Board of Professional Responsibility filed a petition for...
July 27, 2015
Justice Gary R. Wade will be the next dean of the Lincoln Memorial University Duncan School of Law after he retires from the Tennessee Supreme Court in September.Justice Wade was introduced to the...
July 24, 2015
Supreme Court Justice Gary R. Wade, who has served the Tennessee judiciary for 28 years as a judge, justice, and chief justice, has announced he will retire in September.Justice Wade was appointed to...
July 23, 2015
The Tennessee Supreme Court has upheld the decision by a hearing panel of the Board of Professional Responsibility to suspend Anderson County lawyer Yarboro Sallee’s law license for one year. The...

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