June 18, 2018
The Trial Court Vacancy Commission is accepting applications for a Circuit Court judge in the 21st Judicial District, which covers Hickman, Lewis, Perry and Williamson Counties. The position becomes...
June 18, 2018
The Trial Court Vacancy Commission is accepting applications for a Circuit Court judge in the 16th Judicial District, which covers Rutherford and Cannon counties. The position becomes effective Sept...
June 15, 2018
In a unanimous opinion, the Tennessee Supreme Court has ruled that when a party to a divorce case violates a statutory injunction and then dies while the case is pending, a trial court may, after...
June 12, 2018
The Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) has launched a second round of grants to help make Tennessee’s courthouses safer.In accordance with Governor Bill Haslam’s budget, the Tennessee General...
June 8, 2018
The Tennessee Supreme Court has affirmed the suspension of Knoxville attorney Charles Edward Daniel from the practice of law, but modified the probated three-year suspension to include one year of...
June 8, 2018
Nashville, Tenn. – In a case involving dissenting shareholders forced out of a closely held Nashville corporation, the Tennessee Supreme Court has overruled its prior case law and adopted a standard...
June 6, 2018
Two laws recently passed by the Tennessee General Assembly have given the state’s judges new tools to help protect victims of domestic violence.One law, SB1796/HB2033, targets cell phones. Judges can...
June 6, 2018
The Tennessee Supreme Court has unanimously held that after the expiration of the one-year statute of limitations, a plaintiff cannot amend her health care liability suit to substitute a health care...
June 4, 2018
The nation’s opioid epidemic has impacted every courthouse in the country, and judges have diligently been working together to develop innovative solutions involving diversion programs, placement of...
June 1, 2018
The Tennessee Judiciary was well-represented at the 2018 Conference of Chief Justices/Conference of State Court Administrators Southern Region Civil Justice Summit in Little Rock, Arkansas. Chief...

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