29th Joint Conference on Juvenile Justice Held - Awards Announced

August 10, 2012

This week, juvenile court judges and staff, attorneys and other juvenile justice professionalsfrom the across the state came together for the 29th Joint Conference on Juvenile Justice. The conference is a joint conference between the Tennessee Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges and the Tennessee Juvenile Court Services Association (TJCSA). Highlights of the program included a performance and personal account of life in/after foster care from Jimmy Wayne,Country Music Singer/Songwriter and the National CASA Spokesperson and Tennessee Supreme Court Chief Justice Cornelia A. Clark presented information on the Access to Justice campaign.

Chief Justice Clark praised the audience for being a part of the solution of helping all Tennesseans have Access to Justice.

“Tennessee is far ahead of most states both in our commitment to equal access and in the steps we are taking to achieve it,” Chief Justice Clark said. “Many of the people in this room are responsible for that success, and today I want to salute you and challenge you to even greater accomplishments.”

In conjunction with the 29th Joint Conference in Nashville, TCJFCJ held its bi-annual Business Meeting. The following members were elected to the TCJFCJ Executive Committee during the General Business Meeting of the TCJFCJ Membership. Council members elected the following 2012-2014 Officers:

Judge Nolan Goolsby - President
Putnam County

Judge Robert Lincoln - Vice-President
Washington County

Judge Dennis Humphrey - Secretary-Treasurer
Roane County

Judge Ray Grimes - Immediate Past President
Montgomery County

Judge Tim Brock
Coffee County

Judge Tim Irwin
Knox County

Judge Christy Little
Madison County

Judge Jeff Rader
Sevier County

Judge Vicki Snyder
Henry County

Judge John Whitworth
Benton County

TCJFCJ also presented awards as part of their program. Judge Betty Adams Green of Nashville, Davidson County was honored as the recipient of the 2012 McCain-Abernathy Memorial Award. This award is the highest distinction that can be conferred by TCJFCJ. Judge Green is a juvenile court judge nominated by her colleagues in recognition of decades of outstanding service and dedication to the improvement of juvenile justice for the benefit of children and families in Tennessee.

TCJFCJ also honoredLinda O’Neal, Executive Director of the Tennessee Commission on Children and Youth with the Distinguished Service Award which recognizes a professional for outstanding efforts in improving and advocating for services for the children and youth of Tennessee.

New TCJFCJ Officers Elected for 2012-2014 Term