Supreme Court Denies Request to Change Rule of Professional Conduct 8.4

May 10, 2013

The Tennessee Supreme Court has denied a request by the Board of Professional Responsibility (BPR) to amend Tennessee Rule of Professional Conduct 8.4.

In an Order issued May 10, the Court said, in part, that " The current version of RPC 8.4(d) and Comment [3] are virtually identical to the version contained in the American Bar Association Model Rules. ... The BPR's proposed amendment would substantively alter the language of current  Comment [3], and would include this altered language as a separate subpart of RPC 8.4. ... Given the clarity and scope of RPC 8.4(d) and Comment [3] and their similarity to the  corresponding ABA Model Rule and comment, the BPR's petition to amend Rule 8, RPC 8.4 is DENIED."

See the entire order here.