Murfreesboro’s Judge Siskin Launches New Court Website

July 23, 2013

JudgeM. Keith Siskin, of Division III of the Circuit Court for Rutherford and Cannon counties, has introduced a new website for the Court.

Judge Siskin said that the new website is part of his ongoing effort to make the court more open and accessible to the public. The website allows members of the public to download court-approved forms, and to research statutes and rules applicable to their cases.

“We want to remove the cloud of mystery from court proceedings,” Siskin said.

He noted that the website was developed with jurors in mind, as it contains an interactive parking map, as well as a news and alerts section that permits daily update postings, including weather closings and last-minute schedule changes.

Also, jurors will be able to view the sentencing order that is handed down by the court after a conviction. In the past, some jurors were surprised to learn that sentencing is decided by the judge at a later hearing, after the jury is excused.

“In my experience, the folks who serve on our local juries are concerned citizens who want to follow these cases to their conclusion,” Siskin said, “Our new website will make it easy for them to do so.”

The court’s website is also media-friendly, according to the judge. Members of the press now will be able to submit requests for audio/video coverage of court proceedings via e-mail. Further, the court’s new website has a media updates section, which will provide new information as it develops with regard to cases that are being covered by the press.

“The media, as the eyes and ears of the people, will be better able to follow cases of public interest,” Siskin said.

Judge Siskin was appointed to the Circuit Court bench by Governor Bill Haslam on October 29, 2012. Previously, Judge Siskin served as Magistrate and Referee of the Rutherford County Juvenile Court for eight years. A native of Savannah, Georgia, Judge Siskin moved to Murfreesboro in 1997. Judge Siskin and his wife, Sheri, reside in the Blackman Community with their daughters, Micah and Shae.

The website was created by Amy Davis, webmaster of the Rutherford County government, in collaboration with Judge Siskin.  

See the court’s website here.

Judge M. Keith Siskin