Legislators, Courts, Legal Community Join to Promote Availability of Expungements

April 12, 2016

Sen. Steven Dickerson (R-Nashville) and Rep. Harold M. Love, Jr. (D-Nashville), along with leaders in the judicial and legal communities announced an initiative today to improve awareness of and access to expungements in Tennessee.

A key component of the initiative is information that has been gathered here. The webpage provides details on eligibility for expungements, links to local information, and resources to help people get started, as well as outlining what they can expect from the process.

In Tennessee, some types of expungements are free and do not require an appearance in court. These expungements are for cases in which charges were dismissed, an arrest was made but no charges were filed, and a variety of circumstances.

The initiative will include training for judges and court clerks as well as providing resources for them, the legal community, and the general public.

Participating in today’s conference:

·  Sen. Steve Dickerson

·  Rep. Harold Love

·  Speaker Beth Harwell

·  Supreme Court Justice Cornelia Clark

·  Supreme Court Justice Jeffrey Bivins

·  Judge Melissa Blackburn

·  Judge Casey Moreland

·  District Attorney General Glenn Funk, 20th Judicial District

·  Public Defender Dawn Deaner, 20th Judicial District

·  Davidson County Criminal Court Clerk Howard Gentry

·  Public Defenders Conference Executive Director Jeff Henry

·  Public Defenders Conference Assistance Executive Director Paige Henry

·  Pam Beck, TBI Attorney

·  Hedy Weinburg, Executive Director, TN ACLU

Rep. Harold Love, Public Defender Dawn Deaner, 20th Judicial District; Davidson County Criminal Court Clerk Howard Gentry; Supreme Court Justice Cornelia Clark; Sen. Steve Dickerson; Judge Melissa Blackburn; Supreme Court Justice Jeffrey Bivins; Hedy Weinburg, Executive Director, TN ACLU; 20th Judicial District Attorney General Glenn Funk; House Speaker Beth Harwell; Judge Casey Moreland.