Davidson County Drug Court Honors Graduates

February 1, 2017

Davidson County Drug Court (now Recovery Court) honored six new graduates today, February 1, 2017.

Tennessee Supreme Court Justice Cornelia A. Clark was the keynote speaker, and addressed the audience, noting the achievements of each graduate, the journey to overcome their struggles and their ability to now share the journey to help others.

"The Tennessee Supreme Court is proud of each and every one of you," said Justice Clark. 

General Sessions Judge Casey Moreland presided over the graduation, welcoming each individual as a new graduate of the program, and although the journey was tough, the graduates said it was all worth it.

"This court saved my life," said Wendy Harrison, Drug Court graduate.  "My life wasn't worth saving, and now it is."

At Drug Court Graduate Michael Moss' lowest point, he found himself beating down the door of an unlikely ally.  While intoxicated, Moss was unknowingly vandalizing a home owned by a family member of General Sessions Judge Gale B. Robinson.  Judge Robinson heard Moss' cries for help, and got him enrolled in drug court.  He is now sober, and graduating the program.  Judge Robinson was at the graduation to recognize Moss' accomplishments. 

Graduate Kimberly Medders put the day into perspective, "This isn't the end.  This is the beginning."

Since its inception, the number of those opting for the treatment program has grown significantly to over 100 participants. The court offers an intensive and lengthy program, requiring from 12-18 months to successfully complete. Participants are required to attend treatment services at least three times a week, substance abuse monitoring four times a week and transitional housing residency while taking classes in anger management, life skills and job readiness. Classes also are offered to those who desire to earn their GED diplomas. There are two rules that a participant must agree to while in our treatment court-Be Honest and Stay Clean.

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Judge Casey Moreland, along with the Davidson County Drug Court graduates.(From left to right): Jayson Martin, Kimberly Medders, Wendy Harrison, Judge Moreland, Michelle Patrick, Juan Pena and Michael Moss

Justice Clark speaks to graduates, friends and family at the Davidson County Drug Court graduation.