Tennessee Administrative Office of the Courts

Basic Ethics Refresher in Juvenile Court Practice - Pre-Test

Before viewing the video presentation for this on-line CLE session, you are required to take the following pre-session quiz.

When you have completed your responses, click the SUBMIT button at the bottom of the page. You will then be given a link to view the video presentation.  Once you have viewed all three sessions of the presentation, click on the the post-test link and complete and submit the post-test. 

To receive CLE credit for this session you must complete and submit both the pre- and post-test quizzes.  No partial CLE credit will be awarded.

Should you fail to receive the video presentation link after completing the pre-test quiz, have any difficulties with the form, or have questions concerning this on-line CLE, contact the CIP Admin Assistant at CIPAdminAssistant@tncourts.gov.


Acknowledgment - Action required below

CLE credit for Distance Learning courses is based on both content and time spent viewing the course. In order to receive CLE credit for the course, I must complete and submit the training pre-test, view the course in its entirety, and complete the training post-test with the CLE submission request. (The CIP can monitor the amount of time spent on viewing the course. Partial CLE credit will not be submitted.)  Please initial below to acknowledge the viewing requirement.


For Title VI and Title IX compliance, please complete the following information: