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Welcome to the official website for the Tennessee Court System! The site offers a variety of resources, such as searchable appellate court opinions, an interactive map of judicial districts, a calendar of appellate court oral arguments and so much more. We hope this website will provide you with useful information that will help you learn more about the various courts in Tennessee.


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Oral Arguments

Oral Argument Dockets

Upcoming oral arguments for the appellate courts.

Wednesday, Sep 9


Proposed Rules

Proposed Rules

The Supreme Court proposes changes to court system rules and solicits feedback from the bench, bar and public. Below are current proposals and comment deadlines.

Rule 52: Forms Approved for Use in Tennessee Courts.
Supreme Court Order Soliciting Comments SCT Rule 52 ADMIN2015-01485 Adopt Universally Acceptable and Legally Sufficient Forms and Instructions
Date Filed: 08/18/15
Comment Deadline: 10/19/15