Tennessee Administrative Office of the Courts

Distance Learning/Mediasite Trouble Shooting

*Please note:  Several of the presentations are currently not viewable on the Google Chrome browser.   Please choose another browser.

The Distance Learning requires playback using the SilverLight Software or WidowsMedia.   If the browser does not detect either, you will be prompted to download or update the SilverLight software.

If you are experiencing other difficulty watching the videos, you may click the link below to see if your system is compatible with Mediasite. 


There are also links to "Test your audio and video connection.  You will see a test video stream and hear the audio.   There is also a list of browsers and mobile devices supported through MediaSite.

We have tested the following browsers in the office:

Firefox - We have found no issues with playback and would recommend this browser.

Internet Explorer:  We have found no issues with playback and would recommend this browser.

Google Chrome:  Please see note at top of page.

Microsoft Edge:  This is not a browser we have access to at the moment.  We have not tested playback using this browser.

For viewing on tablets or mobile devices go to: https://support.sonicfoundry.com/Training/ViewingRequirements and click on Mobile Devices.

If you are having issues after viewing the support from Mediasite, please email cipadminassistant@tncourts.gov