Supreme Court Solicits Public Comments for Proposed Changes to Code of Judicial Conduct

March 11, 2011

Nashville, Tenn. - The Tennessee Supreme Court filed an order today soliciting public comments to proposed changes to Code of Judicial Conduct, the ethics rules for Tennessee judges.

The Tennessee Bar Association (TBA) filed a petition on February 25, 2011, asking the Court to adopt an amended Code of Judicial Conduct. The proposed changes address a variety of issues, including judicial recusals, campaign contributions and participation in political advocacy groups.

“Adopting the TBA’s proposed amendments would result in a comprehensive revision of the current Tennessee Code of Judicial Conduct,” the order states. “In light of the important public policy issues raised by the petition, the Court herby solicits written comments regarding the TBA’s proposed amendments from judges, lawyers, bar associations and members of the public and other interested parties.”

The TBA’s petition and proposed changes to the Code of Judicial Conduct are available on our website at

The deadline for submitting comments is November 1, 2011. Anyone interested in submitting written comments may send them to:

Mike Catalano, Clerk
Tennessee Appellate courts
100 Supreme Court Building
401 7TH Avenue North
Nashville, TN 37219-1407 


View Supreme Court Order

View TBA Petition & Exhibits