Supreme Court hears Oral Arguments at Boys State in Cookeville

May 24, 2017

The Tennessee Supreme Court heard oral arguments from two cases today, Wednesday, May 24, 2017, at Tennessee Tech University in Cookeville in front of nearly 600 high school students, as part of Boys State.  The program, called SCALES (Supreme Court Advancing Legal Education for Students) gives students a unique opportunity to hear the oral arguments for an actual Supreme Court case in a nearby community.

After the oral arguments, students had the opportunity to ask the attorney for each side questions related to the case.

Since the creation of the program in 1995, the SCALES project has given more than 30,000 Tennessee students from more than 460 high schools the ability to see the judicial branch in action.

The Tennessee Supreme Court was recognized for its SCALES Project as the 2016 recipient of the Sandra Day O’Connor Award for the Advancement of Civics Education.

The Tennessee Supreme Court hears oral arguments at Tennessee Tech University in Cookeville before Boys State high school students.

The Tennessee Supreme Court Justices, along with local law enforcement and Tennessee American Legion Boys State Director Marc Burnett