Becoming a Court Reporter

The hiring of an official court reporter is a collaborative effort between the AOC and the hiring judge. The AOC will accept applications based on the qualifications listed below. Applications that meet the qualifications will be forwarded to the hiring judge for further review and consideration.

For contract reporters, the AOC accepts resumes on a continual basis. Qualifications are evaluated and references will be verified. If criteria are met, the applicants are mailed a contract.

The AOC requires that all reporters possess a high school diploma or equivalent; preference given to candidates who have practical court reporting experience or who have completed court reporter training; must be able to operate a computer and use associated software; must be able to operate other electronic recording equipment; familiarity with legal terminology and basic office skills preferred; notaries public are also preferred. All reporters will be required to produce timely verbatim transcripts, thus, the ability to type is essential.

The General Assembly enacted Public Chapter 450 in 2009, which requires that all court reporters be licensed to engage in the practice of court reporting on and after July 1, 2010. Please click here for more information about the licensure process.