Continuing Mediation Education

Internet Training Courses

Below is a list of online courses / trainings that providers have submitted and the ADR Commission has approved as meeting certain continuing mediation education requirements pursuant to Supreme Court Rule 31:

Ethical Mediation Course (ongoing)

Mediate with Emotional Intelligence (available 1/1/14 - 12/5/14)

Employment Disputes - Most Fequently Asked Questions from the Parties & Mediator's Perspective (available10/05/13 - 10/04/14)

“Family Law Practitioner’s Guide – Ethical Issues in Family Mediation” (available 10/05/13 - 10/04/14)

Family Law Update 2012 (available 10/05/13 - 10/04/14)

Mediation:  Practice & Ethics Update 2012 (available 10/05/13 - 10/04/14)

What TN Lawyers Need to Know About Rule 31 - Forgiveness in Divorce Process

What TN Lawyers Need to Know About Rule 31 -Domestic Violence in Mediation


Scheduled Courses

February 14, 2014
"A Valentine's Primer: How to Deal with the Difficult Client" - Knoxville, TN'

Micro-Interventions in Mediation-Understanding and Dealing with Emotions, Strong Personalities, Beliefs, and Biases - Nashville, TN

March 3, 2014
Representing Clients in the Mediation of Business Disputes:  Strategies for Success - Knoxville, TN

March 4, 2014
Family Mediation Law, Ethics and More - Chattanooga, TN

General Civil Law, Ethics and More - Chattanooga, TN

April 3, 2014
Family Mediation:  Current Trends & Issues - Memphis, TN

April 5, 2014
The Power of Apology and Forgiveness in Mediation - Knoxville, TN

April 7, 2014
IP Mediation:  Creative Solutions in the Creative Arts - Knoxville, TN

April 8, 2014
Advanced Techniques: The Case for Visual and Manipulative Aids in Your Toolkit - Nashville, TN

April 10, 2014
The Art of Mediating Insured Claims - Memphis, TN

April 22, 2014
Mediator of the Day Training - Memphis, TN

May 5, 2014
Back to Basics:  A Review of "How to Win Friends and Influence People" - Knoxville, TN

June 17, 2014
The Enneagram: How to be more effective as a person, mediator, and attorney - Knoxville, TN

June 19-20, 2014
Elder Mediation...Unveiled - Nashville, TN

June 26, 2014
Hot Family Law - Nashville, TN

September 8, 2014
Ethical Challenges of Public Sector Mediation - Knoxville, TN

September 23, 2014
ADR Institute: Alternative Dispute Resolution in Today's World: ADR Issues for the Business Lawyer, the Trial Lawyer and the Dispute Neutral - Nashville, TN

November 18, 2014
General Civil Law, Ethics and More - Chattanooga, TN

November 18, 2014
Family Mediation Law, Ethics and More - Chattanooga, TN

CME Course Providers

A number of organizations provide Continuing Mediation Education (CME) courses. Click on the following Web Sites to Search for Courses providing Continuing education Hours on Mediation, Ethics, Family Law, etc. (Contact Providers directly for Information) 

CME Provider Accreditation

If you would like your course to be listed as a Rule 31 Continuing Mediation Course, please fill out the CME Provider Accreditation form and submit it to the Administrative Office of the Courts. The request must be made prior to the actual training course. You will be notified once the course is approved and the course will be listed on the ADR web page on the AOC website. Please contact Claudia Lewis if you have any questions.