Article II. Prehearing Procedures


Rule 9: Petitions.

The petition shall be verified and may be on information and belief. It shall set forth in plain and concise language with particularity the factual and other allegations relied upon in asserting that the respondent is within the juvenile court's jurisdiction, including:

(1) The name, residence address, and date of birth of the child if known;

(2) The names and residence addresses, if known to the petitioner, of the parents, guardian or custodian of the child and of the child's spouse, if any;

(3) The approximate date, manner and place of the acts alleged as the basis of the court's jurisdiction;

(4) Whether the petition alleges delinquent, unruly, dependent and neglected, or other category of jurisdiction;

(5) A statement that it is in the best interest of the child and the public that the proceeding be brought and, if delinquent or unruly conduct is alleged, that the child is in need of treatment or rehabilitation; and

(6) A statement whether the child is in custody and if so, the place of detention and the time the child was taken into custody.

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