Rules of Juvenile Practice and Procedure [Amended in its entirety by order filed December 29, 2015; effective July 1, 2016.]

General Provisions
101: Title of Rules —Scope —Purpose and Construction.
102: [Reserved.]
103: Service of Process and Summons.
104: Appearance of Attorney.
105: Responsive Pleadings and Motions.
106: Filing and Service of Pleadings and Other Parties.
107: Subpoenas.
108: Injunctive Relief.
109: Orders for the Attachment of Children.
110: Time.
111: Scheduling Conferences and Orders.
112: Attendance of Parties and Other Necessary Persons.
113: [Reserved.]
114: Confidentiality of Proceedings.
115: Recording Hearings.
116: Standard of Proof.
117: Entry of Order.
118: Appeals.
Delinquent/Unruly Proceedings
201: Preliminary Inquiry and Informal Adjustment.
202: Pretrial Diversion.
203: Procedures Upon Taking a Delinquent Child Into Custody.
204: Use of Restraints on Children in the Courtroom.
205: Notification and Waiver of Rights of Children.
206: Discovery.
207: Procedures Related to Child's Mental Condition.
208: Transfer to Criminal Court.
209: Plea of Guilty or No Contest - Judicial Diversion.
210: Adjudicatory Hearings.
211: Dispositional Hearings.
212: Probation or Home Placement Supervision Violation.
213: Modification of or Relief from Judgments or Orders.
Dependent and Neglect Proceedings
301: Initiation of Cases.
302: Procedures Upon Taking Child Into Custody.
303: Notification and Waiver of Rights.
304: Intervention.
305: Discovery.
306: Taking Children's Testimony.
307: Adjudicatory Hearings.
308: Dispositional Hearings.
309: Agreed Orders.
310: Modifcation of or Relief From Judgments or Orders.
Foster Care Proceedings
401: Ratification Hearings.
402: Periodic Progress Reviews.
403: Foster Care Review Board.
404: Permanency Hearings.