Tennessee Supreme Court Justice Sharon G. Lee Shares Stories of World War II Prisoners of War Whose Children Are Judges and Lawyers

February 22, 2022

Tennessee Supreme Court Justice Sharon G. Lee has collected a dozen World War II Prisoner of War (POW) stories. On February 15, she shared the stories of five POWs, including her father’s story, with the League of Women Voters of Oak Ridge.

“This is the story of five American heroes with common bonds,” Justice Lee said. “These American soldiers fought in World War II and were captured and held in German prison camps. They came from different places and had different backgrounds, different religions, and different prison experiences. Despite these differences, they shared some common traits and qualities that helped them endure and survive their prison experience. And they had children who are serving and who have served as judges and lawyers in Tennessee.”

Justice Lee’s presentation included United States Army Air Corps Tech. Sgt. James Hugh Ross, father of retired 10th Judicial District Criminal Court Judge Carroll Ross; Pvt. David Goldin, father of Court of Appeals Judge Arnold Goldin; Captain Bruce Foster, father of Knoxville lawyer Bruce Foster, Jr.; Lt. Harold Leibowitz, father of retired 6th Judicial District Criminal Court Judge Mary Beth Leibowitz; and Staff Sgt. Charles Lee, Justice Lee’s father.

Justice Lee shared with the group the compelling story of each of these American heroes, including the common bonds that kept them alive—they never gave up, they were determined to be reunited with their families, and their love for their country. She went on to say that there is a lesson for all of us in these stories: “As we face adversity on a much, much lesser scale, we need to remember that each day is a gift. We should face each day with optimism and hope and a determination to succeed. And we must never forget the sacrifices that all of our Veterans have made for our freedom and liberty.”

Click here to view Justice Lee’s presentation.